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Mark Levin is one of the hottest talk radio hosts in America. A prominent conservative commentator, best-selling author and constitutional scholar, Mark offers fresh takes on daily news headlines and dissects important events of the day. Heard weeknights on nearly 400 radio stations, Levin is loved in every corner of America. He cuts through the noise with his passion and intellect, often saying things others won’t. Or as Mark himself would declare: “That’s right. I said it!”

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden is still silent on the Mar-A-Lago raid and the FBI director is in hiding. Newsweek reported that the raid was from a confidential human source. Trump's attorneys had met with the DOJ in June at Mar-A-Lago where the feds advised Trump to keep any classified documents behind a locked door. One DOJ leaker says that conducting the raid when Trump was out of town was done to minimize the spectacle of it. This is false, a raid conducted at dawn on a former US President would not go unnoticed. Then, under the plain view doctrine, law enforcement doesn't need to include every element they are investigating in a warrant. Therefore they say it's about presidential records, but it's likely that they are interested in anything they can find. It was not routine for lawyers to not be present during the raid or for the FBI to search the former First Lady's wardrobe. Later, the DOJ has charged a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for plotting the assassination of former Secretary of State and former National Security Advisor. Why is the Biden Administration still negotiating with Tehran if they are committing acts of war against this country? Afterward, reporter Julie Kelly calls in to discuss how several January 6th detainees have killed themselves seemingly because of the pressure. Kelly also mentioned how a former Obama staffer, Lisa Monaco, was involved in the Russia hoax known as Crossfire-Hurricane and is thought to be pulling strings with DC US Attorney Matthew Graves on the Trump raid.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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