The Hausa YouTubers Podcast

The Hausa YouTubers Podcast

Hausa YouTubers Podcast

The Hausa YouTubers Podcast is a podcast done by Hausa YouTubers such as Usman A.M Bello, Fatima Ibrahim Ciroma & Hauwa Jidda (H&F Vlogs), Khadija Aminchi, Khalil Abubakar and Zainab Bala will be discussing on different topics relating to Hausa people include Arewa, Hausawa abroad, YouTube, muslims across the globe, and more. If you love the podcast and the episodes, show it some love and follow it on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcast. Give your thoughts and opinions on the different topics discussed by the gang. Subscribe to their YouTube channels (Usman A.M Bello, Khalil Abubakar, H & F, Khadija Aminchi and Zainab Bala) to follow their journeys.

Categories: Society & Culture

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Today, Fatima Ciroma finally makes her HYP Debut as we get an insight on her YouTube career along side Hauwa on H&F Vlogs, where it all began, and her favourite milestone. Also, we talk about the Awards Tozali Online placed on their website with predictions. We also have a major announcement.

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