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The podcast which puts digital art in context and considers the latest trends in Web3.

Categories: Arts

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Danielle King hosts a group of leading artists, curators, and thinkers on the implications of generative AI for the future of digital art.

Previous episodes

  • 24 - Where Is Generative AI Taking Us? 
    Thu, 21 Dec 2023
  • 23 - Ciphrd and Zancan on Nature and the Future of fx(hash) 
    Tue, 28 Nov 2023
  • 22 - The Plotter Renaissance 
    Thu, 23 Nov 2023
  • 21 - When Iskra Velitchkova Met Zach Lieberman 
    Thu, 12 Oct 2023
  • 20 - Grant Yun on the Fine Art of Digital Illustration 
    Mon, 2 Oct 2023
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