The Stories of Mahabharata

The Stories of Mahabharata

Sudipta Bhawmik

A serialized story-telling of the ancient epic of India - The Mahabharata

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Aswathama takes his revenge by attacking the Pandava camp in the middle of the night and killing the five sons of Draupadi. He also kills Dhristyadumna to avenge his father's death. But his victory was short lived as the Pandavas chase him down and Krishna curses him to suffer a long and painful life.

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Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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    Sun, 24 Mar 2024 - 0h
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    Mon, 02 Oct 2023 - 0h
  • 70 - Mahabharata Episode 69: Karna, the new Kaurava Commander-in-chief 
    Tue, 11 Jul 2023 - 0h
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