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Hosted by Dewayne & Wendy, for the purpose of developing and empowering people to fully live the lives they have been made to live. The undercurrent of our conversations is helping people See & Honor themselves, so that they might See & Honor one another. By this all relationships are made healthier, and more successful with increased joy. Check us out at www.tdhcoaching.com

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Bible Study Content!

Walk thru the Bible with us!

In this episode learn How Not to Deceive Yourself.

If you are interested in joining us during the live Bible Study we meet every Sunday evening at 630p AZ time. Join us in person, or via zoom.

Email us at Team@dhawkins.com to attend in person

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https://us06web.zoom.us/j/2200591272?pwd=bC9uSkdzOGJzckVMY0l6Zi8wTXNNUT09 (https://us06web.zoom.us/j/2200591272?pwd=bC9uSkdzOGJzckVMY0l6Zi8wTXNNUT09)

Meeting ID: 220 059 1272

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