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Eyes on the Right

Amy, eyesontheright4.0 on Instagram, is an educator, counselor, and Bible teacher, who has extensive research on the Illuminati, secret societies, pagan religions, Hollywood, symbolism, and truths that are purposely hidden. With her background living near Hollywood, knowing people in the industry, and time spent with survivors and mind control de-programmers, Amy will bring to light some of these hidden secrets, with first hand accounts. With a Biblical lens & seasoned maturity of discernment, you will learn to uncover the secrets in plain sight. Don't glean more information without education.

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Is witchcraft more common than we think and are we exposing ourselves unknowingly?

In this episode, Amy interviews Michelle Young of Life in Life Ministries, who has over 34 years of experience leading people to Christ - specifically those who have been involved in witchcraft, freemasonry, and the occult. Michelle tells personal stories about those she has discipled and counseled out of demonic strongholds. She clearly defines witchcraft and deliverance, as well as how to spot witchcraft online and in your church. She also shares how all of us need to be delivered from past hurts, traumas, and bondage that can only take place by journeying with Jesus Christ.

*Michelle & Dr. Chris Young: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCheWB_dfVp8vT9J3eLmvYpw


*Amy is a Christian Counselor & Coach to schedule a session: https://www.biblicalguidancecounseling.com/appointments

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