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DW World History

David Wainright

DW World History provides the most detailed productions on the ancient civilizations throughout the world. Each series takes viewers through the timeline of World History, one civilization at a time. Together we explore the rise and fall of of the great empires and reveal how men and women shaped the world we know today. Detailed Maps, Study Guides, Publication & Documentary Reviews and Podcasts are available on our website.

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In the last episode, we observed a brief chronology and focused on the geography of the Ancient Near East. In this episode, we will begin with a detailed breakdown of the historical timeline starting with the prehistoric developments that took place prior to written history.Checkout the video version at:https://www.youtube.com/@DWAncientBabylonSupport the Show.This Podcast series is available on all major platforms.See more resources, maps, and information at:https://www.dwworldhistory.comOut...

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